Singapore Passport Ranked as the World’s Most Powerful: What It Means for Travellers

Singapore Passport

With a score of 91.15, Singapore has the most powerful passport, for 5.6 million people in the country.

According to the VisaGuide Passport Index, Singapore passport holders can enter 168 countries visa-free, the only document that gives visa-free access to this many countries, VisaGuide.World says.

Specifically, 159 countries allow Singapore citizens visa-free while 9 require an eTA. Russia, India and Nigeria and 9 other countries issue eVisas for Singapore citizens.

Singaporean Passport is Strongest for 4 Months in a Row

From March to June, the Singaporean passport has been the most powerful passport in the world.

The latest ranking shows that Italy is second, with visa-free access to 107 countries, including 44 countries where Italian citizens can enter visa-free. Most of these visa-free countries are Schengen states.

Italian passports have a score of 90.49, meaning its holders have more mobility to many countries. Italian citizens need to apply for a visa to enter 17 countries. Singaporeans need to apply for a visa to enter 19 countries.

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Japan’s Passport is 2nd in Asia

The top 20 most powerful passports also include the Japanese passport, which is 13th in the world and 2nd in Asia.

With a score of 89.55, Japanese passport holders can enter visa-free 143 countries and territories, visa-on-arrival to 36 countries including Egypt, India and Indonesia.

E-visas are required for 18 countries including Russia, Burkina Faso and Papua New Guinea, while visa requirements for Japanese passport holders apply for 19 countries.

Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba and Syria do not allow Japanese citizens to enter without a visa.

18 out of 20 Strongest Passports are European

European countries dominate the list of most powerful passports. Italy, Spain and France have the strongest passports currently, with only 17 countries having visa requirements for their passport holders.

The difference in passport scores among EU passports is small, between 88.61 and 90.49. Poland has the lowest passport score – 88.61, visa-free to 100 countries. The German passport has a higher score (88.63) but visa-free to 91 countries.

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