Exclusive Island Getaways: 5 Private Islands You Can Rent

Exclusive island getaways consist of hiring a whole island for vacation purposes as a way of accessing a unique, romantic and adventurous holiday experience. The appeal is the ultimate in privacy, exclusivity plus literally natural beauty.

Hiring out on an island for a certain number of days for just you, your friends or your family is considered to be the ultimate in luxury when it comes to travel.

Necker Island

The Necker Island is situated in the British Virgin Islands. This is located at 74 acres; the island has picturesque sandy shores, crystal clear sea, and greenery hills.

Facilities offered are separate Bali style, Luxury Villas with all the modern amenities. Amerind has designated accommodations for up to forty guests and the full service of a private staff.

People engage in exercises that make them feel free and fresh. There is the opportunity to swim in a pool, snorkel, play tennis, take classes in yoga and pilates. Fishing boats, water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the activities done in the sea.

Necker Island can be rented for $105,000 per night, and the rental is given out in a minimum of 3 nights. This is one of the most select places that can be hired for a certain amount of money.

Thanda Island

Thanda Island is a luxury, exclusively private island destination, located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania. The island is 320 acres and surrounded by untouched nature and untouched isolation.

Three detached luxury villas are equipped with climate control, personal swimming pools and interior design in Balinese style with African motifs. The island can also host 30 people and it has a spa within the premises.

Some of the activities include wildlife photographic safaris, scuba diving and deep sea fishing, cuisine and the island’s scenery.

Regarding costs, Thanda Island has basic rates of $10,600 per night for the whole island. The luxury is incredibly all-encompassing with the hotel sitting on a private island amidst the Indian Ocean.

Laucala Island

It is a small island owned by a private company known as Laucala Island Development Company and is situated in Fiji in the northeastern region of the country.

Its tropical location encompasses and covers an area of land and water that is nearly 1600 hectares and it has natural green gardens, white sand and blue sea.

Private infinity pools, interior and exterior tropical teak furnishings, outdoor bathtub, and butler services are some of the high-end amenities available in the 25 exclusive island homes.

A farm and a spa that is organic add more flavor to the luxurious setting of the rooms.

The activities that are offered include swimming, snorkeling, golf, horseback riding, tennis, among others, and the guests relax in hamacs under palm trees.

There is an option to dine at exquisite restaurants, to go island hopping and to discover numerous activities which would be interesting to everybody.

As for the rates, a one bedroom residence costs $4,390 for one night stay. Laucala is another unique island resort that stands out among other paradisiacal settings for its exclusiveness.

Musha Cay

Musha Cay is located in the Exumas Cays in the Bahamas as a luxurious secluded personal island comprising 700 acres.

This option means that the guests are placed in an exclusive village with luxurious villas located directly on the beach. It’s a large business with over one hundred members of staff, which means that each and every one of the clients’ wishes and fancies can be granted.

Scattered with the things to do starting from water scooter, snorkeling and scuba diving, to play tennis and also island tours. Evenings are spent dancing the night away, having meals together, enjoying the warm breeze under the stars at the beach.

Renting the entire island begins from $39,000 per night and it is a genuine opportunity to enjoy an island paradise of your own. Musha Cay is that place where dreams may come true in the most beautiful landscape possible.

Calivigny Island

Calivigny Island is a private and serene island of approximately eighty acres of land with sandy beaches that makes it beautiful to be situated off the coast of Grenada.

The private island accommodates up to 80 guests with 10 ocean facing suites and poolside villa accommodations. Luxury is in a unique and dedicated focus during the private island vacation through amenities that are meant to please and spoil.

Laze around on pristine white sand or take in the views by the poolside as you sip on a fruity cocktail.

Snorkel among stunning coral reefs, pick fruits from the groves, do yoga beside the river at dawn. Summer nights enjoying the barbecues, bonfires, and movies made under the stars.

Prices for Calivigny Island vary starting from $136,000 weekly charter rate, which accommodates up to 80 guests exclusively. The island offers an opportunity to sweep away the world.


Renting a private island entails privacy, luxury, and fun as one enjoys the best moments of life therein.

From Necker Island to Musha Cay, these island retreats that can be rented are ideal for those who need to take a break and enjoy the warm sun and stunning landscapes.

This is the ultimate form of traveling; to have the first-hand experience of living on an exclusive island.

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